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Preparing to Co-Parent This Holiday Season

Blogs from November, 2022

family at holiday dinner

The holiday season is a time when many families come together to celebrate. For some parents, co-parenting during the holidays can be difficult. However, there are many benefits to co-parenting during this time.

Benefits of Co-Parenting

One benefit of co-parenting during the holidays is that parents can enjoy activities with their children. This can be a great bonding experience for both parents and children. It can also ease any stress that the children may feel about being away from one parent during the holidays.

Ways to Co-Parent This Holiday Season

Before the holiday season begins, make sure to meet with your co-parent to discuss any holiday plans. In this conversation, make sure to discuss what you will do together with your children, as well as make sure you do have time apart so your children can get one-on-one time with each parent during the holidays.

If you have a holiday time-sharing schedule included in your parenting plan, take the time to review this document before making any concrete plans so that you can get a better idea of your child’s holiday plans for this year.

With your co-parent, you can split your holiday gift shopping, easing the stress you might encounter while finding items on your child's wish list. Parents can work together to devise a list of gifts their children would like. They can also split the cost of gifts, which can be a great help during this expensive time of year.

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