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In most cases, divorce causes stress, and many families feel concerned over resolving a variety of issues that come with the dissolution of marriage.

At the Law Offices of Christopher L. Hoglin, P.C., our Pasadena, CA divorce lawyers stand ready to guide you throughout the divorce process and help ensure that your rights are protected, your wishes are heard, and that you are able to obtain a fair and favorable resolution to your case.

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What is the Divorce Process in California?

Getting divorced requires couples to go through several complicated and specific processes. To protect your rights during this time, it’s imperative you understand California’s divorce laws and procedures for divorce. In this guide, our Pasadena divorce attorneys explain the divorce process.

California Divorce Petition and Summons

All divorces in California start with a Petition (FL-100) and a Summons (FL-110). Should children be involved, a Declaration Under Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, or UCCJEA (FL-105), must also be filed. This is related to the residences of the children during the past five years.

There will be a mandatory filing fee. Anyone who can't pay the fees may qualify to get assistance to be granted a waiver.

Serving Divorce Papers in California

The court papers are served soon after they are filed. Once a spouse has been served, it will be important to provide the court with proof of service. This is accomplished with a form known as Proof of Service of Summons (FL-115). An Acknowledgment of Receipt should be attached to form FL-115.

This form must be correctly completed to move the divorce process forward. Once a divorce has been filed and the paperwork delivered to the other spouse, it will be six months from the date the spouse received the paperwork before the divorce can be completed.

Filing a Responsive Declaration in CA

A spouse who has been served with divorce papers can file a response to having a judge hear their side of the story. It is a way they can protect their legal rights. They will have 30 days to respond. A Responsive Declaration should be sent to an opposing spouse and their attorney.

California Temporary Divorce Orders

In California, a day after the service of papers, temporary orders can be requested. They could involve many different issues, including:

Financial Disclosure in California

During the financial disclosure phase, there are four different forms that will need to be filled out. They are FL-150, FL-140, FL-142, and FL-141. This requires a couple to list all their assets, income, debts as well as expenses.

A couple will be required to list exactly who owns or owes each asset or debt. They will have to state when the debt or the property was acquired and provide an approximate value of each item.

The Divorce Discovery Process

This is a process for each spouse to obtain relevant information from the other in order to prepare for trial. Information that may be collected includes:

  • Facts
  • Informal witness statements
  • Getting witness statements in a disposition
  • Learn what the other side will be saying
  • See how good you think their case is
  • See how good your own case is
  • Get all the information you need to present your case in court

Discovery can be a formal or informal process. According to California Courts, the information gathered during discovery is not filed with the court. Instead, it is shared with the other party in the lawsuit. The process can be very complicated, and knowledge of evidence rules and other legal strategies is a must. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to have a skilled Pasadena divorce attorney represent you.

Reaching a Divorce Settlement Agreement in CA

It is possible for a couple seeking a divorce to reach a settlement before going to trial. It must be an agreement both spouses accept. The divorce decree or final judgment will contain the terms of their agreement. Several divorce issues that must be explained in their agreement.

It is possible for a couple not to be able to settle their issues. They can then go to trial. This will be scheduled to discuss all the settlement options where a couple has not reached an agreement. Once a judge has ruled on certain issues, like the date of separation, it is often easier for a couple to resolve their other divorce issues. If this fails, a couple may request a trial form a judge.

Finalizing a California Divorce

When couples are given a filed judgment back from the court with a judge's signature, their divorce is final. They will be given a filed Notice of Entry of Judgment separately. Once these documents are received back from the court, the couple's divorce is officially complete.

If you need help navigating the divorce process, reach out to the divorce attorney in Pasadena at the Law Offices of Christopher L. Hoglin, P.C. today.

Tips for Divorcing Couples in California

Divorce is more than a complex legal issue; it’s a deeply emotional process for all parties involved. Unfortunately, your emotions can throw a wrench in your ability to remain calm, so here are a few tips from our Pasadena divorce attorneys.

  1. Seek Support - It’s hard to think of your divorce if you’re in good company. Surround yourself with people who love you, and whom you love; it’s the best way to get through the process without making a regrettable mistake.
  2. Stay off Social Media - Lurking on your spouse’s social media page is guaranteed to make you emotional. Take a vow to stay off all social media where you could see your spouse.
  3. Remember You’re Better Off - The most important thing to remember is that you’re getting divorced for a reason. After the process is over, you’ll be able to move on to better things.

Things to Avoid When Getting Divorced

While there are many guidelines that can be given during your divorce process, there are also several things you should consider not doing when you're going through a divorce, such as:

  • Taking on additional debt
  • Sending mean or threatening messages to your spouse
  • Getting pregnant
  • Being combative with your spouse on social media
  • Settling your divorce before you're financially set up as a newly-single person
  • Placing your children in the middle of conflict or ask them to take sides
  • Disposing of assets that your spouse may want out of the divorce
  • Entering too quickly into a new relationship, or involving a new significant other in the divorce

All of the above recommendations (and more) can unnecessarily complicate a divorce process and should be cautioned against in order to make your divorce process as seamless as possible. For more information or to get started on your divorce, get in touch with our Pasadena, CA divorce firm.

California Divorce FAQ

What Are the Residency Requirements for Divorce in California?

Before anyone gets a divorce in California, one spouse must have been a California resident for 180 days or six months.

Is There Common Law Marriage in California?

There is no common law marriage in California. No couple is considered married unless they obtain a marriage license and enter into a legal relationship.

Is California a Community Property State?

California is a community property state. This means that all the debts and property acquired by the couple during their marriage is shared equally between them at the time of their divorce.

Can You Refuse a Divorce?

In California, it only requires one spouse to seek a divorce. Once the paperwork is served and filed, it establishes clear intent for divorce. Even if a spouse doesn't agree, the spouse who petitioned the divorce has a unilateral right to seek and receive a divorce.

Is a Lawyer Required for Divorce in CA?

Hiring a divorce lawyer in Pasadena is not required to file for divorce in California. There are many couples who agree on 100% of everything and want the fastest route possible. While this has been proven to be okay with some couples, consulting with a Pasadena divorce attorney is always the best option.

Consulting with an experienced legal professional can give you insight on issues pertaining to your divorce that you were not aware of. Since each state varies with laws, it is common for couples to make mistakes, especially when filling out paperwork.

Additional reasons to hire a lawyer for your divorce include:

  • Reduced stress due to information overload
  • Avoiding mistakes, as the legal system is complicated
  • Having an advocate on your side that puts your best interests first
  • Avoiding delays, as an attorney can guide you through the process faster

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