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Domestic Violence Restraining Order

If you are being abused by a member of your household, then you can petition for a domestic violence restraining order to safeguard yourself and your family from further harm. However, domestic violence restraining orders are only issued in certain circumstances. According to California Family Code section 620, a domestic violence restraining order can be issued “for the purpose of preventing a recurrence of domestic violence and ensuring a period of separation of the persons involved…."

To get a domestic violence restraining order, one of the following conditions must be present:

  • Both parties live together
  • The parties are in a dating relationship
  • The parties are married or registered domestic partners.

What Happens After a Restraining Order has Been Issued?

If you are granted a domestic violence restraining order, it will:

  • Forbid or restrain specific acts of abuse
  • Exclude the person named in the order from entering a dwelling
  • Eliminate annoying phone calls and other forms of contact

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