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If you are getting divorced and have children with your spouse, then you will need to consult with an experienced family law attorney to discuss your situation and find out what to expect if you want to obtain custody of your children. One aspect of divorcing with children in the state of California is the child custody parenting plan assessment (PPA). PPAs are required when the Family Law Court appoints a Family Court Services (FCS) Specialist to conduct an assessment of both parents and their children. Once the specialist completes their interviews with the parents and children, they file a report with FCS regarding any child custody and child visitation issues that were discussed or observed.

Types of Parenting Plan Assessments

There are two types of PPAs:

  • One-Day PPA: This type of PPA is issued when a court determines there are one or more issues that need to be investigated before a judgment can be made. Interviews and testimony will take place on the same day with a One-Day PPA.
  • Two-Day PPA: This type of PPA is ordered when the court has more than two narrowly defined issues that require additional information before the judge can render a decision. A Two-Day PPA occurs over two consecutive days and involves interviews of the family on one day followed by testimony the next day.

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At the Law Offices of Christopher L. Hoglin, P.C., we are committed to serving families throughout the greater Pasadena area who need help navigating child custody disputes. Our goal is to ensure that our clients’ parental rights are protected throughout each phase of the legal process, which is why we are committed to delivering top-notch legal representation for every case we handle. Our legal team can review your case and help you prepare for your parenting plan assessment so that you feel confident answering any questions that come your way.

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