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When a family is split, there are certain legal proceedings that may need to take place in order to safeguard the rights of family members and the interests of children involved. At the Law Offices of Christopher L. Hoglin, P.C., we understand that divorce and legal separation can sometimes call for visitation needs, and our Pasadena visitation lawyers stand ready to help.

Our office will work with you to discuss all options available for your family and fully represent you either inside or outside the courtroom. For more information about our firm, call us and schedule a consultation right away.

Types of Visitation Agreements in California

Depending on your unique situation, visitation agreements may vary, but common visitation guidelines can include:

  • Visitation granted through joint custody. In these situations, parents split time with children fairly and visitations are agreed upon and finalized in divorce decrees.
  • Limited visitations. In limited visitations, one parent has a very small timeframe that they are allowed to see the child, usually less than one day.
  • Monitored visitations. These visitations are required when one parent is seen as unstable and a court-mandated individual may need to be present during visitations.

Additionally, families can seek legal representation from a Pasadena visitation lawyer if a parent denies visitation, or if there needs to be a modification for visitation based on move away cases or a change of education, schooling, or marriage.

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