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How to Discuss Your Family Law Matters with Your Loved Ones

Blogs from December, 2022

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If you are seeking a divorce, it can be difficult to talk to your loved ones about this change. While you might wish to keep your divorce details private, sharing that you are going through a divorce can be helpful when seeking support from your loved ones.

Sharing the News With Your Loved Ones

You might decide that you wish to tell your close family members and friends that you are going through a divorce. This can create a support system for you during this transition period. It is important to consider how much information you want to share with them and if there are certain aspects that should remain confidential.

When sharing the news, remember to focus on yourself and your needs during this time. This might mean setting boundaries and reminding loved ones that while you appreciate their help, you also need space to process the changes in your own way.

Find a quiet, neutral location to share this news. You might want to meet up for a cup of coffee or host dinner to share this news. Remember that you do not need to share everything regarding your divorce. Consider what you would like to share and then relay this information, even if it is on a need-to-know basis. Your loved ones will appreciate knowing about this significant change in your life, and can help you as you begin your next chapter.

Providing Updates and Information

It is important to keep your loved ones updated on any developments in your case, such as court dates or needs you might have during this process. This can help them support you during this time and also avoid any confusion regarding plans or schedules.

Including Loved Ones in Your Divorce Preparation

Your loved ones might also be able to help you with the practical aspects of your divorce, such as providing childcare or emotional support. Let them know if there are certain tasks that they can assist with and how they can offer their support during this time.

Your Case Is In Good Hands

Overall, discussing your family law matters with your loved ones can help create a support system for you during this transition. It is important to remember to set boundaries and communicate your needs while also providing updates and information on a need-to-know basis. While it might not be easy to discuss your divorce, know that you are not alone in this process and that your loved ones are there to support you.

If you are considering filing for divorce, schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how our experienced, compassionate counsel can guide you through this difficult time. Call us at (626) 653-4075 to get started.

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