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Parenting Plan Assessments and Your Custody Agreement

Blogs from November, 2021

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If you are a parent and in the process of divorcing, you may need to undergo a parenting plan assessment (PPA) with your spouse and children. A PPA is a child custody evaluation conducted by a Family Court Services (FCS) Specialist who interviews and observes the parents and children before reporting their findings to the court.

How Long Does A Parenting Plan Assessment Take?

You have the option for two different parenting plan assessments: a one-day or a two-day assessment. The length of your assessment will largely depend on the number of issues the Family Court Services Specialist needs to investigate.

  • If you have one issue, then you will be able to choose the one-day PPA. In the one-day PPA, you will be interviewed and observed on the same day that the evaluator testifies in court about their findings.
  • If the specialist finds more than one issue, you will need to conduct a two-day assessment. In a two-day PPA, your family will be interviewed on the first day and then the evaluator will testify in court on the second day about their findings.

When Is A Parenting Plan Assessment Necessary?

A PPA is necessary for a divorce where the child custody arrangement is disputed by one or more parties and needs to be evaluated by the court. The FCS specialist is there to determine what is best for the welfare of the children involved and how to adjust their disputed child custody plans.

With the FCS specialist’s report, the court then adjusts the child custody plan as they see fit.

How Do I Prepare For A Parenting Plan Assessment?

You should contact your trusted child custody lawyer for guidance as you prepare for your parenting plan assessment. Our Pasadena child custody lawyers will walk you through the process of a PPA and help you understand what will happen in your assessment. They will guide you through your child custody case and explore the best options for you.

If you are undergoing a child custody dispute, call us today to get a free case consultation at (626) 653-4075.