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Filing For Divorce Around Valentine’s Day

Blogs from February, 2022

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You have most likely heard that couples tend to wait until after the holidays before filing for divorce. But what happens when you take time to compile documentation and ultimately file in February around Valentine’s Day?

Filing for divorce at any time can be an emotional event in and of itself. When filing for divorce, you are reaching the beginning of the end of your marriage, which may prompt feelings of sadness, anger, or relief. If you file in early to mid-February, odds are that you will most likely be reminded of your marriage with the Valentine’s Day holiday. Our Pasadena divorce lawyers share tips on how to have a healthy Valentine’s Day after filing for divorce.

Make Sure To Understand Your Feelings

It’s important to do an emotional check-in to figure out how exactly you are feeling. Taking stock of your emotions and why you feel that way can help you better treat how you feel about your divorce and the upcoming holiday.

When taking emotional stock, think about what Valentine’s Day meant to you in the past. Was it a big holiday for you and your romantic partners? Are you more upset about your divorce? By getting deep and discovering why you feel a certain way, you can ultimately better navigate your emotions since you know where they are coming from.

Plan Healthy Activities

It can be easy to stay at home and want to hide away from Valentine’s Day. But staying at home can also make those uncomfortable feelings we wrote about above even worse. Make plans for after you file for divorce so you are getting out of the house and seeing your family and friends, or doing individual activities you enjoy.

Your plans don’t need to be on Valentine’s Day, but we do recommend that whatever you plan, it should be something that you are excited to do and will enjoy. We often recommend that our clients who have recently filed for divorce make plans such as:

  • Meeting your friends or family for a meal at a restaurant,
  • Seeing a movie with someone,
  • Taking a cooking class,
  • Taking a class about one of your hobbies,
  • Taking neighborhood walks or hikes,
  • Exploring somewhere new, or
  • Taking a day to unplug from your phone and disconnect.

By making plans and putting an emphasis on yourself, you may not feel as lonely this Valentine’s Day.

Pasadena Divorce Lawyer

Filing for divorce can be an emotional action — especially around Valentine's Day. Our compassionate team understands that you might be upset about your upcoming divorce and that’s totally okay! Your case is in good hands and we will support you throughout the process of your divorce.

Are you considering filing for divorce this month? Call us today at (626) 653-4075 or contact us online to schedule an initial consultation.