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How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce in California?

Blogs from August, 2020

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Getting a divorce can be stressful, emotional, and overwhelming, and many people want to get it over as fast as possible. However, several factors including how amicable the divorce is and California’s mandatory waiting period create limits on how quickly the process can take.

The California Divorce “Cool Off” Period

The minimum time it takes to get a divorce in California is six months from the time the divorce papers are served to the divorce being finalized. The reason for the limit is because the state requires a mandatory “waiting period” to ensure the couple has enough time to truly decide whether they want a divorce or not.

In some cases, after completing the waiting period, couples may have worked through their issues and have chosen to not proceed with the divorce. However, this isn’t true for all marriages on the rocks and many still decide to take the next step and get a divorce.

How Amicable is the Divorce?

While the divorce process will be at least six months, the timeline could be a little different depending on whether the spouses can come to an agreement on their issues. Couples who are still amicable and agree on all the terms of their divorce will likely be able to get through the process during this six month time. The same cannot always be said for couples engaged in a high-conflict divorce though.

If the couple cannot work out their issues over child custody, spousal support, property division, or child support, the longer it will take to proceed with the divorce. This could delay the process from anywhere to a few months to years, depending on how uncooperative each party is. In a high-conflict divorce, it’s always a smart idea to seek counsel from an experienced divorce attorney that can effectively negotiate a settlement that is in your best interests.

Is Your Paperwork Filled Out Correctly?

One last thing that could impact the timeline is the forms and paperwork that must be filed in the divorce. This paperwork can be confusing and filled with terms that are difficult to understand. If anything is not filled out correctly or if there are errors, then the time it takes to finalize the divorce can be delayed. Working with a skilled Pasadena divorce attorney can ensure everything is properly filled out and filed with the correct authorities to prevent unnecessary extensions in your divorce.

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