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Dangers of a DIY Divorce

Blogs from March, 2019


The internet is an empowering tool, giving people the authority and know-how to accomplish things they’ve never dreamed possible. Want to build a computer: watch a video. Want to be a better public speaker: practice online. Having a problem with your toilet: ask a forum for help.

It seems like anything is possible if you do the research, but some things are better off left to the experts. If you’re thinking about a DIY divorce, here are some of the reasons you should think twice.

Dangers of a DIY Divorce


The first danger of a DIY divorce is the potential for miscommunication between you and your spouse. Communicating what you want for the outcome of your divorce is crucial to having your needs met. If you don’t understand the legal language involved in a divorce, you can’t properly state (and secure) the desired outcome of your divorce.

Forgetting Important Aspects

Have you ever moved and thought, “this will be done in no time!” Then, five hours later, you realize that you’re not even halfway done. Why was your first impression so wrong? Because once you dig into it the process, you realize how much stuff there is to do!

Divorces are a lot like that; there are hundreds of little details that need to be perfect for your divorce to go smoothly. With an experienced family law attorney on your side, you’ll get updates and reminders about everything you need to accomplish throughout your divorce process, so you don’t forget something important.

Not Getting What’s Fair

If you do a divorce on your own, you might not get a fair cut of the assets and child custody agreement. California judges and family law attorneys know the proper procedures for every aspect of a divorce, which means they know if a spouse is trying to scam another spouse into a poor agreement.

In a DIY divorce, there is little accountability for the decision-making process, which means you might be on the receiving end of a bad deal.

Ready for Representation?

If you’re looking to get divorced and want representation for your case, attorney Christopher Hoglin is here for you! With more than a decade of family law experience, you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Call (626) 653-4075 now for a free consultation for your case!

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