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Custody Battles with Multiple Children

Blogs from July, 2019


Going through a divorce of any kind can be difficult. However, a divorce can be particularly tough on couples that have a child together. When more than one child is involved, the situation just gets even more confusing. 

California, Custody, and Multiple Kids

No two kids in this world are exactly the same. It doesn't matter if they're part of the same exact household and family. All kids have their own specific lifestyle requirements, which can make figuring out child custody matters in the state of California rather difficult. If the children are separated, this custody agreement is called split custody, which means each parent takes custody of a different child.

The courts will contemplate all of the unique factors in each case, but their ultimate decision will be based on what custody situation will be of the child’s best interest. California particularly is reluctant to separate siblings as it is usually detrimental to each child. Generally, the court will treat the children as one unit when they decide custody. There must be an extraordinary need for the children to be separated from each other for the court to decide that separation will be in the child’s best interest.  

The court will need to think about the children’s educational requirements, medical needs, or emotional needs when they decide to split custody of siblings. Some of these needs may benefit from split custody, but it will be up to the court to make the final decision.

Also, courts have to think about more than just child custody as well. That's because multiple kids can also interfere with sums that are associated with child support. If two individuals share numerous kids, this may interfere with how much money they have to manage together. It's critical for individuals to note that child support sums aren't necessarily identical for all the kids that are involved even if they share the exact same parents.

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